2015 Pikes Peak Studio Tour

November 08, 2015

2015 Pikes Peak Studio Tour

The 2015 Pikes Peak Studio Tour is in motion and it all starts right here in Colorado Springs, this Saturday, November 14th, at 10:00 a.m.  www.PikesPeakSudioTour.com

Sheet Metal Art by Mitchell Dillman

 Learn more about all the local artists involved, and get your maps to join the tour at: www.PikesPeakSudioTour.com

2015 Pikes Peak Studio Tour

For me, I have always been an artist.

I just never really took myself seriously, until a few years ago when the economy slowed. The local home building market, my bread and butter, was all but busted.  That is when I knew there was nothing more for me to do than take my years of practice and experience, my tools, my first computer, put my head back down and get right back to work. 

Metal Art by Mitchell Dillman

With no hesitation, I hung up my nail bags, started my YouTube channel and set out to teach myself an entire new set of skills, from the comfort of my storage unit, just a few minutes walk from my back door.

My first "studio"

Those first few years went by in a hurry. I was learning something new every day. "Do the best you can with what you have" is what I would say to myself every day, and still do.

It was not long at all until everything I had was not enough. My time quickly came to move on.  

Mitchell Dillman gets evicted.

Time to Grow

In the spring of 2011 Colorado Rock-n-Logs incorporated. By September of 2012 we needed more space and leased our workshop, storage, and yard space at the old Staggs Lumber Yard on the west side of Colorado Springs, Colorado.

We are located at 2700 Robinson Street, two blocks from historic Old Colorado City. Through the gate, down the drive by the 'Carriage Stop'.

It's always just been a shop to me, and an old lumber yard.

Staggs Lumber Yard

I've been coming around this old yard since I was a child back in the sixties. If you were ever around here back in those days this place was really something.

Now, it's mostly just a run down old scrap yard with a few bangers pounding out shipping crates and waste-wood pallets...and me, my logs and my saw, cutting up locally harvested wildfire wood for all sorts of creative and useful furniture, fixtures and decor. And I weld.

Mitchell Dillman's Studio 

Shop? Studio?

For now it's the place I call home.

And it's the place I've been coming seven days a week to work and create for the past three years and counting; honing my video skills and creating all sorts of cool stuff, mainly from the wood we get from our recent wildfires. And I make YouTube videos!

And everybody is always welcome! 

Waldo Canyon Collection

Waldo Canyon Collection

Black Forest Collection

Black Forest Collection

Welcome to the 2015 Pikes Peak Studio Tour, my name is Mitchell Dillman, I am a professional YouTuber, wood and metal sculptor, and I look forward to meeting you here soon!

Until then, please download and watch me here: Mitchell Dillman on Amazon Fire TV

Mitchell Dillman on Amazon Fire TV

 You Ask - We Deliver - Colorado Springs



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