A Roof Build 2019 - Digging My Own Grave

March 30, 2019

A Roof Build 2019 - Digging My Own Grave

Let's face the facts. Colorado is a desirable place to be. The cost of living anywhere along the front-range, as throughout the state, continues to sky-rocket. In Colorado Springs, rising rents, utilities and gasoline costs helped to push the cost of living last year to its highest level since 2001, according to recent nationwide survey.

I was recently priced out of the Colorado Springs housing market and rented a new location just 30 minutes south in Penrose, Colorado with hopes to purchase someday soon.

The facts are, I have made many poor decisions in my lifetime. Ownership does not look promising anytime soon. I do not currently qualify to live here.

So, when the property owner urged me to proceed and go ahead with my improvements, the facts are, it's just like digging my own grave! 

A Roof Build 2019

Roof Build Part 1 - Post, Beam, Truss

Roof Build Part 2  - Smarter Than The Wood (I am not.)

 My New Used Roof - Metal Roofing Installation

Post and Beam Porch Build - Part 1

Roof Build - Part 3 - It's In The Details

If you knew you were digging your own grave what would you do? 

to be continued...


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