Q: Where do you get your logs?

As an eco-friendly and sustainable business we believe in doing all we can for our environment and our local community. We work with individual property owners to turn their firewood into furniture. We harvest our logs from local burn scars and firewood gathering lots located in Teller County Colorado.

Q: Do you stain some of the logs differently to get those streaks and darker colors?

While we do work with many different types of local wood species, much of what you see in our collection is Beetle Kill Pine. Those streaks, dark brown and black, that you see are a result of the devastating mountain pine beetle reeking havoc on the Colorado Pine trees. This feature is also known as “the denim look”.

Q: Are the cracks you see in the logs a bad thing and will they get bigger?

All log furniture will have “cracks”, twists, knots and knurls in the wood grain. The “cracks” you see are also known as checks. These checks are a result of the natural curing or drying process of the wood and only add to the individuality of each piece of furniture. They may increase slightly, as wood expands and contracts with moisture and heat, but Super Deck Brand log home stains and sealers have been applied to prevent damage.

Q: How well will this furniture hold up outdoors?

While this furniture was designed to be outdoors year round, remember to treat it once a year just like you would your deck or wood siding. Use a good quality stain and log sealer like Super Deck Brand.

Q: Can you make this furniture using other types of wood?

Yes, we can make this furniture with anything you’d like! We can import all types of lumber but keep in mind this may increase the price of the furniture.

Q: How much does this furniture weigh?

Let’s not sugar coat this, solid wood and steel isn’t light, but it is made to last. Even if left to the elements, let’s just saw it would take more than a whirlwind to lift this furniture off your deck.

Q: Will you make “custom fit” one-of-a-kind furniture sizes?

Absolutely! We’re here to meet your needs. If it’s a longer table or bench you want, just let us know and we’ll be sure to size it right. Want a wider or taller seat height, no problem. Just keep in mind that all special orders require 100% up-front deposit before we can begin to craft your one-off piece.